descriptioncinit - a fast executing, small and simple init with support for profiles
ownerNico Schottelius
last changeMon, 19 Mar 2012 12:12:30 +0000 (13:12 +0100)
2012-03-19 Horst Kronstorfergcc-4.6: fix [-Werror=unused-but-set-parameter] issue... master
2011-03-07 Nico Schottelius-test
2011-03-07 Nico Schottelius-ancient src
2011-03-07 Nico Schottelius+ screenshots
2009-11-26 Nico SchotteliusSet release date for 0.3pre19
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusalso update website
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusremove *.docbook
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusadapt src/Makefile to new paths
2009-11-26 Nico SchotteliusSize: 101274
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusdo not use set -e for the whole script
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusadd README for size
2009-11-26 Nico Schotteliusmove size to src
2009-11-25 Nico Schottelius+some sanity +litte to do before the next release
2009-11-25 Nico Schotteliuschange absolute path to /etc/cinit/build-conf/
2009-11-25 Nico Schotteliusbegin to make build scripts public
2009-11-24 Nico Schotteliususe cconf vars in release script
5 years ago 0.3pre16 Top level dir cleanup release
5 years ago 0.3pre15 Child handling changed
6 years ago 0.3pre14 shutdown support added
7 years ago 0.3pre13
7 years ago 0.3pre12post Forgot to tag 0.3pre12
7 years ago 0.3pre13-1
7 years ago 0.3pre12-post
7 years ago 0.3pre11
7 years ago cinit-0.3pre8 Prepare for pre8
7 years ago cinit-0.3pre7 Prepare for pre7!
2 years ago master